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Our ÖGAI expert groups will be happy to provide specialist information on all diseases of the immune system. We also provide information on the specialist training in clinical immunology and the specialisation in allergology, in which we are intensively involved. Both subjects have a high priority in the pandemic.

ÖGAI in the pandemic

In the pandemic, the cooperation of allergology and immunology gains special importance in view of the potential allergic risks associated with the SARS-CoV vaccination.

Our specialist groups work literally day and night to produce guidelines and information brochures, often published jointly with other specialist societies, such as most recently with the AeDA (Association of German Allergists) and DGAKi (German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology).

Our folder on the management of anaphylaxis for vaccinators was sent by the Vienna Medical Association to 1000 vaccinating physicians by mail.


The specialist training in Clinical Immunology, as well as the Specialisation in Allergology, take into account the increasing demand for these diseases. The specialist groups of the ÖGAI have contributed significantly to the training regulations for the specialist in clinical immunology and were committed to the establishment of the new Specialisation in Allergology. Cooperation with the European Union of Medical Specialists (IUMS) was essential for harmonisation with the European curricula.

ATTENTION: It is already possible, in a temporary agreement, to apply for the diploma “Specialization in Allergology“, in the Austrian Chamber of Physicians / ÖÄK, see Formulare (

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