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Annual General Meetings

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ÖGAI webinars

In close cooperation with the Association of German Allergists (AeDA), the ÖGAI has been offering German-language webinars for continuing medical education since July 2021. Read more about our initiative here. Moderated by Ludger Klimek (President AeDA) and Erika Jensen-Jarolim (President ÖGAI). This initiative is only possible through the generous support of sponsors!

Each webinar is accredited by the Austrian Medical Association with 3 DFP points. The DFP confirmations will be organised for you by our ÖGAI secretariat, Ms Dagmar Serfezi (office@oegai.org).

Participation in the webinars is free of charge for ÖGAI members. As an ÖGAI member, you can access the video recordings here approximately one week after each webinar.
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Molecular Allergology Webinar Series

Basics of molecular allergy diagnostics, protein families and systematics (Prof. Barbara Bohle, Vienna)Link
Food allergies in childhood: How can molecular allergy diagnostics help? (Prof. Kirsten Beyer, Berlin)
Special patient cases - here the molecular allergy diagnostics has been able to provide decisive indications (Prof. Uta Jappe, Borstel)
Molecular allergy diagnostics in insect venom allergies: better diagnostics, more targeted immunotherapy? (Prof. Thilo Jakob, Gießen)
Molecular allergy diagnostics for mites and other indoor allergens: What is it really good for? (Dr. Petra Zieglmayer, Krems)
Molecular allergy diagnostics in food allergy: better diagnostics, more targeted care? (Prof. Eva Untersmayr, Vienna)
Molecular allergy diagnostics in food allergy: better diagnostics, more targeted care? (Prof. Eva Untersmayr, Vienna)
General Assembly 04.12.2020
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Minutes of the general meetings

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