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As of July 1, 2021, the interdisciplinary “Specialization in Allergology” was put into effect – a milestone
for allergology in Austria and a ray of hope for the numerous allergy sufferers in this country who need expert doctors.
desperately need.

At least two million people in Austria suffer from allergies – and the trend has been rising steadily for many years. With the continuous increase in the number of people suffering from allergies, the need for specialists who are familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of this disease is naturally growing. Gap in care: It is not uncommon for several years to pass between the first allergy-related symptoms and the start of therapy. On the one hand, this is due to the carelessness of many of those affected, because allergies are often taken lightly for too long. To a large extent, however, patients simply do not know who the right contact person is for them. Because in Austria there is no specialist for allergology. So far, allergies have been dealt with by doctors of dermatology, ENT diseases, pulmonary medicine and paediatrics as well as clinical immunologists.

Further information:
Source: Press release of the Austrian
Society for Allergology and Immunology (ÖGAI)
“More experts for Austria’s allergy sufferers”. 4 October 2021

You can download the complete text as PDF.

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