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For many years the company Bencard Allergie has donated the Clemens von Pirquet-Prize for excellent work in the field of allergy research. The award ceremony 2021 took place in hybrid form at the ÖGAI Annual Meeting, on November 25 . On the stage of the venue, Billroth House, Mr. Marc-Antoine Meyer, Bencard, together with ÖGAI President Erika Jensen-Jarolim presented the certificate to the winner Philipp Starkl, Clinic for Internal Medicine I., Medical University of Vienna, who with his publication from 2020 in Immunity, “IgE Effector Mechanisms, in Concert with Mast Cells, Contribute to Acquired Host Defense against Staphylococcus aureus”, convinced the international reviewers. Philipp Starkl’s mentor, Sylvia Knapp, expressed particular joy in her laudation.

The ÖGAI Board members congratulate!

Erika Jensen-Jarolim