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The Karl Landsteiner-Price is since many years donated by the ÖGAI and the Karl Landsteiner & Eisler-Terramare Foundation Gedächtnis-Privatstiftung (Bio&Bio), for outstanding work in the field of basic immunological research.

As awardee of the 2021 Karl Landsteiner-Price the international jury selected René Reitermaier for his publication “αβγδ T cells play a vital role in fetal human skin” in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2021, which was handed over by the ÖGAI president Erika Jensen-Jarolim in the hybrid Annual Meeting of the ÖGAI on November 25, 2021. On site, René Reitermaier´s mentor Heidi Elbe-Bürger gave a warm-hearted and proud laudation.

Warm congratulations on behalf of the whole ÖGAI Board,

Erika Jensen-Jarolim
President of the ÖGAI


On the picture below:  Simona Saluzzo, Heidi Elbe-Bürger, René Reitermaier, Erika Jensen-Jarolim