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The Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology has also for the year 2024 the possibility to award dissertations with scientifically outstanding content in the field of allergology or immunology. The first prize of 2.000€ is sponsored by Ursula and Fritz Melchers and bears the name of the sponsors, it is not divisible. Another prize in the amount of 2.000€ is awarded by the ÖGAI itself. This can be divided among a maximum of 3 award winners.

The award is subject to the following conditions: The submitter must be a member of the Austrian Society of Allergology and Immunology. For the application and the prizes, dissertations can be submitted that have a topic in experimental or clinical allergology or immunology and were developed at an Austrian scientific institution. Since the approval of this dissertation at an Austrian or foreign university, no more than 2 years may have passed.

This work must not have been submitted for an award elsewhere, nor have received an award previously. The publication included in a dissertation may not be submitted simultaneously for another prize of the ÖGAI. Resubmissions are not permitted.

The latest submission date is June 30, 2024.

The thesis is to be submitted as an overall pdf document of reduced size including a short CV and proof of approval of the thesis and the institution where the work was carried out to

Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology
c/o Vienna Medical Academy
Alserstrasse 4
1090 Vienna

Dissertations are reviewed by at least 2 independent experts and ranked using a point system. The decision on the awarding of prizes is made by the Board of Directors.

The award will be presented at an ÖGAI meeting in 2023.
ÖGAI Dissertation Award


For the board:

President of the ÖGAI
Univ. Prof. DDr. Wolfram Hötzenecker

Secretary of the ÖGAI
PD Dr. Sabine Altrichter

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