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Together we are pulling in the same direction to meet the great need for information of allergy sufferers in the beginning of spring and with the increase of pollen flight to the important topic of anaphylaxis, as well as in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and questions about vaccination against SARS-CoV-2.

Interest group for allergen avoidance – IGAV

Allergic and immunological diseases have multiple causes. The ÖGAI works closely with the Allergen Avoidance Interest Group (IGAV) and provides 31 of the 35 experts on the IGAV Scientific Advisory Board.

This advisory board not only reviews each IGAV patient information, but is also asked to help shape its content. This way you will always be up to date!

The Austrian Pollen Warning Service

Equally important for allergy sufferers is information on pollen flight times, important for travel planning, not only in Austria. If you as an allergy sufferer want to be informed not only about daily updated pollen numbers, but also about environmental pollutants that can aggravate symptoms, as well as about Alternaria mold spore contamination, the Austrian Pollen Warning Service will be a reliable companion. Also available as an app!

Allergy or intolerance?

Allergic diseases have multiple causes and it is sometimes not easy to distinguish them from intolerances. In order to educate you, our ÖGAI Expert*innen-Panel has contributed with great commitment to the preparation of this guide on allergies and intolerances. The most important recommendation: Have your complaints clarified, a real allergy is not harmless!

Download guide allergies and intolerances
Fascinating immune system
Amazing Immune System
Interactive Introduction into the Immune system

Patient information digital

It is our concern to establish direct information exchange with the most valuable thing we have, with our patients. For this purpose, we cooperate with the Interessengemeinschaft für Allergenvermeidung – IGAV, the Austrian Pollen Warning Service, as well as with MeinAllergiePortal.

We have been offering virtual office hours since 2022.

Goto Youtube: digiPat 2022Goto Youtube: Allergy consultation-hour
Digital consultation hour
New on October 1: “DigiPat – Allergies in children”.

Allergy to the beloved animal?

An allergy to animals requires measures that often represent a difficult balancing act between the love of the partner animal, and the impairment of health. On the initiative of the Interest Group for Allergen Avoidance (IGAV), this guidebook was designed for all patients who are unfortunately allergic to animals. Our ÖGAI experts have actively contributed to the texts in order to provide comprehensive information on the one hand, but also to point out measures that can improve living together with pets despite an allergy.

Download guide: allergies to animals