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Finally, at the end of June 2021, the Specialization in Allergology became a reality in Austria! Special thanks go to Prim. Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hötzenecker and all other colleagues for their commitment!

In accordance with the transitional provisions for Specialization in Allergology, an application for a diploma can be submitted to the Austrian Chamber of Physicians/ ÖÄK with immediate effect (forms ( After the first applications have been received, the specialization committee consisting of representatives of the source subjects is expected to be formed and begin its work in September.

Find here our information folder about the Specialization in Allergology.

Source subject areas:

 Occupational Medicine

 Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine

 Dermatology

 Paediatrics

 Internal Medicine

 Internal Medicine and Pulmonology

 Clinical Immunology

 General Medicine


Required proof of achievements:

1.) Management or deputy management of an allergy outpatient clinic in the hospital or an allergy outpatient clinic for at least three years without specific evidence of patient cases.

2.) Alternatively: plausible representation that the required number of cases was provided within the last three years.

3.) Willingness of the applicant to get involved in the training of the next generation is expected.

4.) In addition, 16 specific DFP or EAACI points in the field of allergology must be achieved (e.g. by participating in Austrian Allergy Days, ÖGAI annual conference, EAACI, German Allergy Congress).

Specialization Directive, Download (PDF)